Q: Where do the proceeds from membership go?

They are combined with corporate contributions (sponsorship) to assist in running both the men’s and women’s professional teams. The  support of members is a crucial and greatly appreciated part of running GreenEDGE Cycling.


Q: When do membership packages go on sale?

Membership packages will be available for purchase from December 23, 2012 if not before. Once you purchase your package, you will have the option to immediately download a member certificate with your order confirmation to show that you are on for the ride.

Please stay closely tuned to our social media platforms for confirmation of sales opening. We are obviously working extremely hard to get this up before Christmas.


Q: How do I purchase a GreenEDGE membership as a gift?

When you make your purchase be sure to enter the delivery address you want the supporter package (clothing/accessories etc) to arrive at. You may wish for this to come to you or go direct.

Importantly (so you don’t give away the surprise) enter your own email address and password. You should then give these login details to the gift recipient and advise them that to receive intangible benefits including an exclusive newsletter and video content access they should login and change these straight away at greenedgemembers.com.


Q: When will the supporter packages be shipped this year?

Shipping will commence fromMid Januarywith the membership certificates downloadable with order confirmation should you with to purchase as a gift.

We forecast growth in our membership program during our second year. Your merchandise package will go on back order if your size runs out, so sign up early to avoid ‘out of stock’ delays.There is always a rush in January and we will work through these as fast as possible when our warehouse reopens.


Q: What if I’m already a member and only recently signed up?

You will have already received your supporter package and your intangible benefits from 2012  (eg. merchandise discount and members-only communications) continue for a full 12 months.

We’re switching to a season membership for 2013, so get in early to be part of the team and make the most of your membership package.

Q: How do I become a new member or renew my current membership?

Visit our member website (greenedgemembers.com) to purchase your membership. You will receive new membership details and a member card for 2013 when you complete your first time purchase or renewal. In simple terms, please consider it a new purchase.

Q: What is new for the membership program in 2013?

We’ve tried to integrate as much member feedback as possible. Merchandise has been updatedincluding a BEST of Backstage Pass DVD, there’ll be exclusive video content and we’ve bagged you a fantastic discount at Avanti Plus retailers on SCOTT bikes, clothes and accessories.  Stay tuned for a comparison of the tiers so you can work out which package is ‘for you!’


Q: What about kids?

GreenTEAM includes an option to select the white kids t-shirt with the total price on this option being $66. When the kids t-shirt size is selected in the shopping cart, a discount is automatically applied at the checkout.   


Q: Where has the podium tier gone?

Our valued 2012 Podium members should have received a letter on 16th December.

After much deliberation we have decided to reduce the program to 3 tiers with the Podium level being effectively folded into the Peloton tier. We just don’t feel we can deliver Podium level benefits in isolation with the due consideration and resource required.


Whilst we have not included the dinner/day in the life offering in 2013 Memberships, please note, members will still be given priority access to purchase exclusive inner sanctum opportunities as they develop. For example, we are preparing to launch Stage 20 Tour De France hospitality. We are also investigating the feasibility of a training camp experience linked with the 2013 winery ride at Mitchelton. 


Q: What’s the sizing like on the membership clothing?

A sizing grid is supplied in the website to assist you. The Santini replica and race clothing sizing is European and quite small so we recommend going up 1 size to your normal. The t-shirts and polos are a fashion fit so designed to fit snuggly.


Q: Will you be selling memberships at the Tour Down Under?

Yes. You can find us in the village and sign up for your membership package on-site.


Q: Will you be selling Tour De France Hospitality? Other Inner Sanctum Opportunities?

Yes, we are preparing to launch Stage 20 Tour De France hospitality and members will get pre release.  We are also investigating the feasibility of a training camp experience linked with the 2013 winery ride at Mitchelton. 


Q: Will free shipping continue in Australia?

YES, shipping is included with your membership./


Q: Is overseas shipping also free?

We understand that shipping costs have been prohibitive for many. While overseas shipping is not yet free, we are actively working on shipping alternatives to reduce the shipping costs incurred by our international fans.


Q: The answer to My Question isn’t listed here

Please email to members@greenedgecycling.com

We can then add to help other members too!